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Introduction Anahuac Mural Tour
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Mural Tour

For a pictorial tour of the mural, please select an are from the above menu.

What You Should Know:

Let us start with one basic fact. Anahuac (AH-NAH-WAK) "the land between the waters" in our Nahuatl language - what today we konw as Mexico, "Central America," and the "Western United States," was one of the only three civilizations in the world that had their independent origins and development. Anahuac was the civilization of corn. Sumeria was the Middle Eastern civilization of wheat, and the Chinese were the civilization of rice. There were no other completely original civilizations in human history. Every other civilization and cuture are branches of these root civilzations.

We were the first people in the history of humanity to have mandatory education for males and females of all classes. We had developed universities that were in many ways superior to those of Europe. We had libraries in all of our cities and major towns. Our written literature was extensive. We had the world's most accurate calendar and the greatest scientific cosmology-theology in the history of the world.

We were the first people to develop the mathematical concept of zero and positional values. We created our own world of brilliant accomplishments and genius.

We created one of the greatest civilizations in the world. Our people had the necessary proven intelligence, motivation, creativity and the natural resources of our land to have made us the greatest and wealthiest of all nations. But this greatness and wealth was stolen from us by Europeans.


Introduction of the great Anahuac Mural painted by Nelyollotl Toltecatl.






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