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Artist Nelyollotl Toltecatl

Here is the official portrait of Nelyollotl Toltecatl at the mural,
and his assistant Toltecatl Toltecatl



March 1996 to December 2002
A short history of the final stages



The Center of the Mural
After six years of work, the mural gets its finishing touch. This was the most important
part of the mural, in that it connected our past to our future here on this continent.


This is where we prepared the wall to mount the final piece.


Final touches on parts that had been tagged with graffitti;
graffitti that was not left by racists, but by our own people, sadly!


day and night for 6 years in his spare time,
Nelyollotl worked on the Anahuac Mural project


Here Nelyollotl is adding the final touches!


The next day, after spending all day and night painting the final areas,
Nelyollotl makes notes on this historic day, December 22, 2002


The mural is finished!  A final walk through


Some of the members and supporters of the Mexica Movement,
proud of the work of Nelyollotl Toltecatl and the Mexica Movement.





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